This panel is from the 6 window murals “Protecting the Generations” commissioned by the City of Minneapolis Public Service Center by Art in Public Places program. The print will not have the watermark on it.

6 Vinyl Window Installations | Skyway @ Minneapolis Public Service Center

To ensure future generations are protected, Creation passes down the stories, lessons and memories needed to maintain harmony and balance. The awareness and understanding of our roles as humans in the sacred hoop of life means being good relatives to all, taking care of the earth, water and skies. It means winning against selfishness and greed, so that all nations can live. The strength of life is all around, how will you fight to care for and protect it?

The featured Dakota words and their meanings:

  • Wódakhota (harmony with all life)
  • Wičhóičhaǧe (generations/growth of the people)
  • Wóabdeza (understanding)
  • Wóinina (awareness of silence)
  • Wičhóȟ’aŋ (responsibility/way of life)
  • Wótakuye (relatives/kinship)

These murals feature imagery that can be found throughout Minnesota in the four directions – West, South, East and North – plus the Sky and Water worlds.

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