Under the Guidance of Haŋwí


Add a touch of style to your walls with my one of a kind artwork! Purchased print will not contain watermarks. Custom sizes are available upon request.

​In Dakota/Lakota stories, Wí refers to the Sun & Moon: Haŋwí (evening light), is the lunar version. She is the wife of the sun, Aŋpétu Wí (morning light), but due to his act of indiscretion, she hides under a cloak whenever he is near — that is why the moon has different phrases. She represents women when they are young, middle-aged and elderly through her moon phrases.

Traditionally, there is a connection between women’s menstrual cycles and the moon’s cycle; when a woman was on her moontime, it was considered a very sacred time of inner purification. In this way, one could say Haŋwí is the “goddess” of motherhood and represents feminine power. In current day ceremonies, women on their moontime are usually prohibited from attending; the power of the moon is still respected as inner purification stronger than even that of the ceremonies such as the sweat lodge.

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Canvas: 20 x 24, Metal print: 20 x 24, Watercolor Paper: 20 x 24

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