Uŋčí Makhá's Shawl (Grandmother Earth's Shawl)

Unci Makha's Shawl

On view

This piece will be exhibiting and you can check it out in person, with an augmented reality version to come for the Colorado show:

55th Annual Red Cloud Indian Art Show, on view June 4th through August 13, 2023 in Pine Ridge, South Dakota at the Heritage Center.

• “Woven in Resilience: A Feminine Perspective of Contemporary Indigenous Art“, on view October 13th through December 23, 2023 in Loveland, Colorado at the Artworks Center for Contemporary Art.

Uŋčí Makhá’s Shawl

Vector illustration, 20”x24” metal print

To Dakota/Lakota people, all the plants are woven together as part of Uŋčí Makhá’s shawl which covers her. Aŋpetu Wí and Haŋwí (Sun/Moon) are tasked with warming and cooling Grandmother Earth; the four winds bring the seasons and Wakíŋyaŋ, the thunder being, wakes the plant nation every year. When we acknowledge the land and honor the sacred hoop of life, we give thanks for the medicines and foods our Uŋčí (grandmother) provides for us.


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Prints start at $300 for a 20″x24 print, limited to a run of 10 prints. Please click the link below to choose your material. Thank you.

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