Google Doodle: Celebrating Stickball / Traditional Lacrosse

an illustration for Google

Google Doodle: Celebrating Indigenous North American Stickball

Vector Illustration, 2022

In celebration of US Native American Heritage Month, today’s Doodle celebrates Indigenous North American stickball, a ceremonial sport invented by Native American tribes. The artwork was illustrated by Saint Paul-based artist, Marlena Myles who is a member of the Spirit Lake Dakota/Mohegan/Muscogee tribes.

Today’s Doodle artwork focuses on telling the story of Stickball, blending traditions around the game and the modern way it is played. The style is inspired by traditional ledger art (narrative drawing or painting on paper or cloth) and intentionally includes women and men of various ages to portray the inclusivity of the sport. The art also depicts gameplay of three different versions of stickball, including the ceremonial pregame practice of sage smudging (an ancient Native American practice of burning dried plants) as seen in the “G” letter formation.

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Artwork commissioned by Google.

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Alt text: Black and white sketch of the “GOOGLE” logo made from customary Stickball items including burning sage and sticks. Two players are in motion with sticks in hand.

Alt text: Black and white sketch of people playing Stickball with purple “GOOGLE” letters written in cursive behind the players

Alt text: Sketch of the Doodle before it’s been filled with color and background scenery

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