Wičháyažipa Hiŋšmá Naǧi

~Bumblebee Spirit~
Program: Adobe Illustrator CC

I created this piece to give native pollinators a little more (much needed) attention. It features ‘bombus terricola’, the yellow-banded bumblebee.

Native pollinators have been pollinating plants long before honey bees arrived with the European colonizers — honeybees are not native to North America. In fact, native pollinators are much better than honeybees at pollinating indigenous plants like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkins/squash, blueberries, cranberries and many more edible plants that are not mainstream fruit; some of which are not pollinated at all by honeybees.

A lot of the “save the bees!” campaigns focus mainly on honeybees, but native bees need protection too. The loss of native prairies is one of the biggest threats to the pollinators. And when these ecosystems are lost as farmland, scientists and farmers don’t even know what the lethal dose of pesticide is to these native bees. If you have a garden, please plant native flowers and pick a variety that blooms at different times to maintain a constant source of food for the native pollinators.

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Bumblebee Spirit Native American Art

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